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Self Service Stack Station.
The first link in library automation starts with self service. A clear, easy to understandable interface between human and machine, and behind the interface the latest technologies in RFID equipment and reading performance. The Self Service Stack Station ( 4S ) can handle more than one item at once. Because the 4S uses a double antenna RFID reader, it can read stack up to 18 centimeters.

The client uses the interface to start the check in sequence. After the gate opens the stack is transported out of reach to maximize reading performance. All items are identified and checked for attachments. The 4S software is capable to use the Object identifier, or the Library identifier, as is required by the Generic set of requirements. The 4S can also be used to checkout or renew items.

After the transaction with the library database is completed, the complete stack will be retured with a checkout or a renew action. When the stack is to be checked in, the complete stack will be transported to the next machine to be buffered. During this process, the 4S station will be ready for it's next stack.

The 4S is able by use of a buffer system to sully stacks to the Corlector sorting machine. But the 4S is a self sustaining system. This guarantees a proper working of the self service interface and a happy client.

Self service Stack station Specifications:

  • Maximum width : 400 mm
  • Maximum height : 600 mm
  • Maximum stack height : 180 mm
  • Speed : 1200 objects an hour
  • Power supply : Depends on the number of 4S
  • Library interface : SIP 2.00

Self service Stack station software specifications

The software for the self service machines are a in house development. All the software is developed with the knowledge of years of experience and improvements. The software is based on two parts, the screen section and the machine control.

A listing of the most important features:

  • Fully adjustable screens
  • Extra screens, for example ask for a receipt screen
  • Fully off line functions
  • Service from manufacturer via Internet
  • Receipt printer
  • Fully adjustable receipt layout
  • Mifare or barcode reader for client identification

The 4S is suited for handling single and multiple items. The SIP 2.00 protocol is fully integrated and all of its features are used