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Bin Sort

The Bin Sorter machine is a fully functional sorting machine with al sorts of possibilities. But for a budget price. Unlike our other sorting machines, the Bin Sorter uses bins with spring loaded bottom to collect the materials after sorting. So called drop boxes.

The sorter is build with modules. Each module can sort an object in three directions, straight on, to the left and to the right. In this setting each module has two sorting positions, and the module on the end has three.

The design is very compact and easy to install. Only a small footprint is needed for the sorter, so a lot of space can be used for drop boxes and trolley's. When greater distances are required the use of belts between the sorters can solve the problem, also corners and even a vertical transport to the next floor. With these modules of sorters, belts and lifts we can be very flexible and design a system for a very friendly price.

As self service front for the Bin Sorter, we have developed the Bin Sort Checkin, this self service station has a really cycle time, only 4,3 seconds. This self service station has an extra safety build in. It works with a double gate system. With this method the materials are transported out of reach, and no one can interfere with the materials.

The Bin sort Checkin is our latest development, equipped with a modern industrial PLC system. This combines the best of two worlds. The graphics and network capabilities of a desktop PC, and the speed and reliability of a PLC.

Both the Bin Sort and the Checkin machines are designed with remote access and service. Changes to display layout, different messages, everything can be changed fast and remotely.

Click here to download the Bin Sort Specifications