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CORLECTOR Sorting machine

The Corlector sorting machine is developed for both single items and stacked items. The identification is based on the RFID technology. Materials brought in by the 4S station are transported to the corlector sorting machine, if stacked, the materials will be unstacked and handled. Extra features such as Check-in, EAS or AFI security can be added to the sequence. The Corlector software is developed in such a way that for each material a sorting location can be chosen. This is exaggerated, and not a real life situation, but the possibilities are endless. A sorting routine can be made based on:

  • Writer
  • Writer
  • SISO code
  • Collection
  • Location code
  • Shelf number
  • Bin number
  • Reservation
  • Different department

The corlector sorting machine is developed for libraries from medium to large sizes. From 250.000 until 4 million checkouts per year. The Corlector sorting machine has the capabilities to transport materials horizontal and vertical throughout the building. This enables the machine to bring the materials almost their final destination. The Corlector sorting machine is a custom made solution, for more information about the possibilities please contact us.