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The Stand Alone Sorter is the compact sorting machine which has the flexibility of a big sorting system.

The SAS has two containers and six shelfs. The first removable container is for items which have to excluded from the customers, for example reservations, or different departments. The second removable container is for Audio and video materials. The six attached shelfs can be used for sorting on a variety of rules. For example Writer, SISO and collection. Shelf number 3 and 4 are fixed shelfs, the other shelfs can be replaced for trolley's the sorted materials will be put directly on the trolley, to save even more time.

The SAS is one of our last developments, and it is equipped with a modern control system which is based on a industrial machine controller. This enables us to combine the best of two worlds. The graphical and network possibilities of a PC, and the speed and reliability of a PLC. The possibility of remote service and diagnostics are also present in this controller.

The stand alone sorter van be build into a wall, but it can also function in an open space.

You can download the product specifications here