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The end station of an automated process is returning the items to their correct locations. This means the use of a trolley. After researching the existing models and variations van den Brandt decided to develop their own trolley. Our criteria were:

  • Robust design
  • Easy to handle
  • Good quality materials
  • Good looking design

The result is a steel and glass trolley which fits perfectly to the corlector sorting modules. Because of it's angled shelfs, the materials can be moved easily. Because of the angle, all the materials are aligned and this makes hand sorting much faster. A version with a small lift system enables the Corlector sorting modules to deposit the materials directly onto the trolley. The trolleys are available in all RAL colors, and can be adjusted to fit your interior.

The specifications of the Trolley are:

  • Width 450mm
  • Length 900mm
  • Height 1320mm
  • Capacity 833mm materials on each shelf ( 3 total )
  • Options: handle bar, ground plate