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Sorting in it's most basic form.
The search for reserved books, materials for different departments, off the shelf materials, it takes up a lot of time especially in the smaller libraries. For this reason, the TwoBin is developed. Why search for lost materials when they can be captured at the front door. In smaller libraries, people are used to be assisted by staff to check-in materials, the staff has a high check-in speed, this manual handling is very fast and reliable.

The TwoBin matches these performance. The speed is the same as manual speed, and customers don't need to wait. At the same time the TwoBin filters out the materials that need to be kept apart.

The TwoBin is designed as a basic frame with all components inside. This makes the use of changeable panels possible. The panels can be switched for other colors, other design or even texts.

You can download the product specifications here